Get to know the heart and soul of your spacecraft.


Diagnostics for Complex Systems.

Every minute of downtime can cost your organisation millions of dollars.
Saber can diagnose the health of any complex system. For satellites with thousands of data points your operators gain deep understanding of the real-time drivers affecting health. This saves operators time when things go wrong, and is a great tool to help keep your spacecraft alive. We have delivered space diagnostics models for satellites in the microsatellite (150kg) and CubeSat range.

If you can data-mine a satellite you can solve many problems here on Earth as well.  


Case Study: NASA ACE Spacecraft.

The Study:

An actual solar flare was accurately recreated from the NASA Advanced Composition Explorer internal telemetry, all with Saber's advanced modelling.

Long-Term Benefits

Saber-pioneered machine learning techniques lead to models developed for NASA ACE have worked for 8+ years without requiring further tuning.


What does this mean for my organisation?

Picture not only being able to plan and operate your mission with vivid, 3D graphics tools, but also having telemetry-driven, time-invariant insights to how your hardware will respond in specific situations.

Finally, couple that with Saber's mission operations services for complete space situational awareness.

That's the Saber mission advantage. Contact Us Today and ensure success.


I don't run a space company, but I want to know my product/service better.

You're in luck. Our machine learning capabilities can model sophisticated relationships in almost every industry. Interested in case studies, examples or demonstrations? 

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