Mission Control

The Responsive Space Operations Center (RSOC) uses our advanced tools to streamline the operations of satellites.  Lean operations means our people can construct commands quickly, validate them cleanly, and operate reliably.  Three levels of service allow you to scale as you grow with complete control over the support you need for a successful mission.  Discounts are available for bulk orders (>50 satellite constellations) and longer durations. 


Level 1: Store and forward data handling.

Our ground stations will receive your satellite telemetry, store it and forward to you using our safe and secure network. Our global network will include SATCOM sites in Colorado, Sydney, the UK, and Northern Canada. 

Level 2: Satellite Command operations

Developing your own ground operations infrastructure is expensive and time consuming, so outsourcing to our RSOCs are a very popular option. RSOCs provide direct support, on call  command and control for your satellites. 

Level 3: Elite Diagnostics Full Service

Elite Diagnostics are for customers who want the deepest understanding of spacecraft performance. We provide full cause-and-effect models of your spacecraft on-orbit, in real time. Both prelaunch testing and post-launch operations are supported.

About Level 1

The Level 1 service is an exceptional, secure, autonomous linkage between you and your satellite.  We put great care in our groundstation automation for high reliability.  Service specializes in low noise and low lag (< 1s ) data retrieval .  This is the simplest, most cost effective option.  Bandwidths include UHF, VHF, 456mhz, S-band.  


$1500 / Satellite / Month


$2200 / Satellite / Month


$4200 / Satellite / Month

About Level 2

For Level 2 service our highly trained operations team will help you with day-to-day control of your spacecraft.  We will integrate your command and telemetry database into PIGI for job taskings which are smooth and seamless to your downstream customers.  


$2500 / Satellite / Month


$4200 / Satellite / Month


$8000 / Satellite / Month

About Level 3

Level 3 service takes full advantage of our diagnostics tools.  Using PIGI's diagnostics we can actively estimate faults onboard the satellite.  Previous tests, using the NASA Advanced Composition Explorer Satellite (NASA ACE) showed that the models lasted nearly 8-years before needing retraining.

The key benefit is the ability to estimate mission performance using a global systems model which simultaneously correlates satellite health and space weather in order to better track causes and effects of system failures.  The approach has been demonstrated over years of hard R&D using data from live satellites.

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