So, you can accurately datamine satellites?  

It turns out, you can model a whole bunch of other things as well.

We have a mature capability to analyze highly complex systems and understand their inner workings. "Analytics" mean more than just visualizing information-- it means deep understanding of events and behaviors that can be used to make decisions.  As part of the PIGI project we proved the ability to model damage to a NASA spacecraft during space weather events. The models proved to be a time invariant, general solution accurate even up to 8-years later.  The algorithms adapt perfectly to other industries, and scale from single object to Systems of Systems. 

Some of our past work...

Autonomous Leak Detection for an international water utilities firm, used our diagnostics tools to detect leaks in the water grid.  We identified individual leaks at individual homes and showed how those leaks scaled to effect the neighborhood and surrounding community.  Future work is in preventive maintenance to the grid based on weather patterns and water use.

Finding relationships in stock indices for a Startup Hedge Fund in Melbourne. They needed a demonstration of modeling the stock market and adopted several of our techniques in an autonomous rapid-trading robot.


CSIRO-ICT Robocup Challenge. We joined forces with CSIRO to represent Australia in this world-reknown automation competition. The team took 2nd place in regionals in Eindoven and placed in the semifinals at the world games in 2012.

Rocket behavior estimation using data from a rocket launched by the NSW Rocket Society. We were able to model roll-pitch-yaw against environmental conditions such as atmospheric dynamics.  


Structural Impact Detection Testing used high fidelity sensor data from CSIRO's Self-organised Sentient Structures project. Our diagnostics were used to tell the difference between hard and soft impacts on a spacecraft structure.  Future research applies to a wide range of structural health prediction, such as skyscrapers, naval, and high speed rail.

It costs money to move money, so a company in Sydney asked us to predict behavior in banking cashflow logistics. By finding relationships between banks, environmental behaviors, and ATMs, financial institutions can accurately predict the best locations to send funds to the places people need them most.

GPS tracking devices are everywhere so we demonstrated analytics of Fleet Vehicle Tracking for a company in Sydney. By modeling vehicles, people, and road conditions simultaneously, high scale logistics gain context over performance of large numbers of vehicles.  Predictive health of vehicles is one thing-- scheduling the best driver for the best conditions is the real benefit to our customers.

Early testing of Search Engine Optimization for a company in Sydney showed we were able to find hidden relationships and accurately predict page ranking for their customer's websites.