Industry Events and Showcases

34th Space Symposium - Colorado Springs

Did you drop by the Saber Astronautics booth at the 34th space symposium? The team was thrilled to meet many new space enthusiasts, specialists and organisations. 

This year's symposium was host to phenomenal talks, organisations and hardware. From the Corporate Partnership Dinner, to the Space Technology Hall of Fame, to Sierra Nevada Corporation's Dream Chaser: The symposium did not disappoint and we hope to see you all there next year.

If you have any questions regarding our software demonstrations and flyers from our booth, or have questions regarding applications for our internship program, please email us at!

CEO Jason Held and Researcher Cameo Lance

Big highlight of the Space Symposium: using PIGI's awesome sauce to help researcher Cameo Lance win the Voyager Gold Record from the Lockheed Martin orbital competition. From concept to solution in under 60 seconds.


Yuri's Night Los Angeles - 7th April 2018

This year, Saber Astronautics and 4 Pines Brewery through their joint venture, Vostok Space Beer, were the major sponsors for the best party of the year. Were you there?

Yuri's Night LA is always a huge event, so we were extremely thrilled to be sponsors for the night. Did you get a chance to hang out with NASA Astronaut Nichole Stott, or with Bill Nye the Science Guy? The night saw our CEO, Jason Held, along with 4Pines CEO Jaron Mitchell launch the official campaign for Vostok Space Beer: The worlds first beer made for space.

We're working together to help make the space beer project a reality!
All work is currently moving towards initalising tooling and manufacturing, as well as further testing in Zero-G to make sure it's ready for the astronauts!

View from the DJ Booth @ the Los Angeles Yuri's Night

Credit to Peter Ruprecht for his phenomenal photos of the event. Find out more: