Mission Design

From one satellite to hundreds, Saber's mission design capabilities will help your organisation save time, money and lower risks as you move through each of part of the design process.


Let's build your mission.

It all starts with your idea. We design the perfect constellation from scratch and help you transition to operations.

We use PIGI in-house to do rapid-iteration of large constellation mission design. This includes liason with ITU contractors, spacecraft design, link budgets and deep-dive mission analysis.
We can tell you how much money your mission will actually make.

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Do you need to know:

No. of Spacecraft and ground-stations needed?

Optimise the amount of spacecraft you need for your data requirements.

Transmission capabilities required?

UHF? S-Band? X-Band? What is your bandwidth to get the job done?

How to maximize performance from my budget?

I have X Dollars and X months. What's the best I can do with my satellite or payload?

Ideal orbits and transfers?

Where do you need to launch your assets to?

Financial expectations and risks?

How much return should I expect for my investment in how much time?

Sound like familiar mission requirements?

Saber understands the unique nature of each mission: Our team's flexible tools help you find the perfect answers. We've helped dozens of organisations reach their optimum, and now it's your turn.

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