P.I.G.I. – The Predictive Groundstation Project

PIGI is mission control software designed for the modern age. A video-game quality interface allows you to reach any point of the spacecraft or environment, while world class data mining gives operational intelligence to the meaning of the data. Operators can now make decisions rapidly, with accurate information, given in the context they need.

Three different levels of license are available: Casual, Small Business, and Enterprise.

PIGI Casual License

The casual license is for students and hobbyists of all ages.  You can inject your own designs using a simple scripter via Blender exporter, plan missions and compare overpasses.  Conduct basic mission planning using our native services or you can experiment with your own methods using our APIs.  Easy export to .csv allows connections with your favorite statistical programs.  Self trainable and modifiable.

$15 Per Month - PAYG

Accurate Orbit Propagator

Highly accurate SGP4 Orbits, overpass calculation, and perturbations

High Fidelity Environments

Includes the 150k Hipparcos star chart, space weather, IGRF magnetic field models

Spacecraft Simulator

Enter your own spacecraft models, simulate actions, and output your results to MATLAB and .csv.

PIGI Small Business License

If you are gearing up for live missions the PIGI Small Business License is for you.  PIGI will help you make critical design decisions, estimate behavior, and simulate response in a single tool.  Mission control teams benefit from live space weather data feeds from Saber Astronautics' fast and secure servers.  Integrate your command and telemetry databases directly into PIGI using common scripts. Rapid command planning and execution will enable your operators a great deal of flexibility and control over your constellations.


Live space weather

Tick-data forwarding, plus Saber's prediction services mean you get the quickest warning service on the market.

Spacecraft Designer

Spacecraft design tools which will let you swap in components and test behavior.

Telemetry management

Simple formats and data APIs allow easy linking between command and telemetry databases to PIGI

PIGI Enterprise

Large corporate and government users can bundle PIGI into your own solution for a serious competitive advantage.  Or you can use PIGI in your own Mission Control Centers for long term cost benefits.  The advantages of the Academic and Small Business licenses scale nicely for to larger programs.  Make use of the powerful and accurate autonomous diagnostics tool-set to reduce risks, streamline training, and empower your mission operators.


Full Diagnostics Suite

Our powerful data mining tools will empower your teams with the fastest support to resolving on-orbit faults.

Training Support

Accelerate team training with embedded performance metrics, tracked in real time.

The Future

We are testing new ways to prepare spacecraft commands by taking advantage of new touch screen and virtual reality technologies. Combining VR with 3D situational awareness will enable highly rapid attitude and macro preparation. The Satellite Systems view screen allows point-and-click data display, giving the operator complete control over the types of information they need. PIGI´s rich graphics make it very easy to use and even easier to train new personnel.