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    Here are some open source tools and other support to make your job easier. The Constellation Maker and CAD importer tools are free to use and modify as long ass you give street cred to the original authors. Feel free to send us your changes and we will update so everyone can benefit.

    Check back here frequently for more tools, goodies, videos and more that the Saber team will add.

  • Constellation Maker V0.3


    Create your own Walker constellations in this Octave script set. You enter the number of constellations, orbital parameters, phasing angle, and ground stations.
    The script then generates the XML scene file which you can then load in PIGI from main menu bar.

    Click HERE to download Constellation Maker V0.3.

  • CAD Importer V0.2


    Get your own spacecraft into PIGI! Convert from 3D printer .stl files to PIGI format. Written in Python the scripts use Blender (see to set up both the low resolution overview spacecraft and a higher resolution for the coveted exploded view.

    Click HERE to download CAD Importer V0.3.