Saber Astronautics Secures Orbital Micro as Flight Customer
25th March 2021

Saber Astronautics is excited to announce the signing of a satellite operations contract to fly Orbital Micro Systems (OMS) satellites. Operations will occur from Saber’s Responsive Space Operations Center (RSOC) in Adelaide Australia with support available from Boulder Colorado.

Orbital Micro Systems is a Boulder Colorado business developing satellite derived weather information. OMS launched the first series of their Global Environmental Monitoring System (GEMS) in 2019 and plans a fleet of CubeSat class satellites providing 3D passive microwave observations at every point on Earth every 15 minutes. Their system allows for higher fidelity data at shorter intervals leading to greater accuracy for consumers.

Orbital Micro

Roger Carter, OMS’ VP of Engineering is excited about this decision, “We evaluated many vendors in our efforts to select a partner for GEMS satellite operations and were continuously impressed with Saber’s team and technical capabilities. We are confident that we have selected the right partner to help deliver our weather mission.”

Saber Astronautics’ RSOC program will support the entire lifecycle of the mission with satellite integration, live flight operations, through to their end of life. There are two satellites expected to fly-- first in Q4 2021 with a follow-on flight scheduled for early next year. Saber’s engineers will work with Orbital Micro selected suppliers for integration of each satellite to the RSOC.

Dr. Jason Held, Saber Astronautics’ CEO is very enthusiastic, “We are very excited to operate Orbital Micro satellites and are committed to their success.” The Australian RSOC received $6m in funding last July from the Australian Space Agency’s Space Infrastructure Fund.

The RSOC goes live on March 31st 2021 to support space operations and space traffic services.

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