Bilateral Agreement with Catalyst Accelerator Opens New Pathways Between US-Australian Space Markets
13th July 2022

5th July 2022 -- 

Colorado Springs, USA -- Saber Astronautics was selected as an implementation partner for the Catalyst Accelerator, a US Department of Defense (DoD) accelerator, supporting the common goals of greater international space domain awareness and management. 

Both parties will support the introduction of startups from the nations they operate in, through Catalyst Campus for Technology & Innovation’s first international accelerator program. Saber will be uplifting Australian space domain (SDA) suppliers and helping introduce other country’s space startups to the Australian market through their Responsive Space Operations Center (RSOC) program which has mission control sites located in Adelaide and Boulder. Similarly, the Catalyst Accelerator will offer introductions and support to Australian SDA suppliers entering the Space Force ecosystem through the Accelerator. 

Dr Jason Held, CEO of Saber Astronautics, said “this program is aligned with Saber and the RSOC’s current position as a central yet neutral actor in the Australian space ecosystem. Having been on both sides, I know both Americans and Australians share a common culture of innovation, creativity, and hard work. I think Catalyst’s program will really strengthen the ties between our two markets and can open up future opportunities.”

With operations in both the United States and Australia, Saber Astronautics is a natural implementation partner for the Catalyst Accelerator, allowing for mutually beneficial exchange between the US Space Force (USSF) and Australian markets. Saber has a history as a neutral facilitator as a participant in the USSF and DoD’s Sprint Advanced Concept Training (SACT) exercises, where the RSOC is the coordinator for the Pacific region. 

KiMar Gartman, Program Director of the Catalyst Accelerator said “the agreement was a step towards establishing bilateral support, knowledge and technology exchange between the US and Australian space ecosystems. We’ve worked with Saber before and we’re excited to have them act as the implementation partner as a part of our outreach to Australia.”

Catalyst Campus for Technology and Innovation (CCTI) has a strong belief in collaboration being the keystone to positive innovative disruption and is the leading ecosystem supporting public-private partnerships between industry, academia and government. The Catalyst Accelerator, hosted at CCTI, is able to decrease the time to market for startups and their technologies which align with government and defence goals whilst simultaneously assuring the quality, safety and security of the products and services which graduate from their program. The agreement will be part of a larger drive to establish an international space ecosystem. 

Saber Astronautics will also leverage their capabilities to build an international marketplace of product suppliers to operate within the well established Space Cockpit SDA platform currently in use by warfighters in the USSF and DoD.

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Saber Astronautics’ mission is the democratization of space, reducing barriers to space flight, and making space as easy as driving a car. Saber uses next-generation space mission control software developed by an experienced team of space operations, systems control, UX, and robotics experts. Saber brings together the latest techniques in human factors, artificial intelligence, and dynamic 3D data visualization to make it easy for spacecraft operators to monitor, fly, and rapidly diagnose faults in spacecraft systems.