Saber Astronautics space traffic architecture certified for deployment to US Space Forces
9th December 2022

8th December 2022 --

Colorado Springs, Boulder, USA -- Saber Astronautics’ microservices program, COSMOS completed security reviews to deploy to military operators at the US Space Force (USSF).

Saber’s COSMOS program encapsulates a number of microservices including a suite of tools that allows operators to analyze and visualize the space domain using live data from commercial and government sensors. Tools include Space Cockpit, which is deployed and available to hundreds of operators in the US Space Force, and a new threat warning system named Sentinel that won a US SBIR Phase II award earlier this year.

Saber trialled the COSMOS suite during global live-fire space domain awareness exercises (SACT) to help identify, track, and see spacecraft positions, get alerts on spacecraft behaviour and understand their movements.

COSMOS offers forward looking capabilities to the US Department of Defense (DoD) and USSF with many of its programs developed using concurrent feedback from USSF operators to reflect warfighting needs.

Saber’s COSMOS system received the Certificate to Field (CtF) which signifies that the tools meet US DoD specific security requirements. The CtF allows Saber’s software architecture to deploy directly to frontline personnel within the USSF, United States Air Force (USAF) and wider DoD applications.

Nathan Parrott, Director of Saber Astronautics said “We futureproofed our architecture from the get go to meet security requirements while retaining our flexibility to innovate with changing needs. We think the current COSMOS architecture is a gamechanger and the recent uptake of our programs by end users has really reinforced that we are building something phenomenal.”

COSMOS program development started in 2019 in parallel to an SBIR Phase II grant Saber received to develop next generation operations software for USSF warfighters. The tools are also in use with Saber’s commercial space operations, via the Responsive Space Operations Center (RSOC), which has sites in the USA and Australia.

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Saber Astronautics’ mission is the democratization of space, reducing barriers to space flight, and making space as easy as driving a car. Saber uses next-generation space mission control software developed by an experienced team of space operations, systems control, UX, and robotics experts. Saber brings together the latest techniques in human factors, artificial intelligence, and dynamic 3D data visualization to make it easy for spacecraft operators to monitor, fly, and rapidly diagnose faults in spacecraft systems.