P.I.G.I. - The Predictive Interactive Groundstation Interface


Mission control software for the modern age.

P.I.G.I. is modern age mission control software. It's video-game interface is easy to use and easy to train but rich enough to see any part of a spacecraft. Large constellations, SSA, and dish control are embedded in the same tool.

Let your operators make smart decisions, quickly and accurately, for any spacecraft in their inventory. Buy Now!

Smart Tracking

Be a constellation king: Design your mission for thousands of objects, track in real time.

Easy To Use

All the information you need at your fingertips, train your team in minutes, not weeks.

Real-Time Data

Space Weather, Spacecraft Telemetry, Asteroids, Ground-stations, TLE's and more.


Simple APIs let you plan your mission, and connect to existing systems and data-streams.


Unbelievable Visuals

P.I.G.I is a new and powerful way to understand your mission — whether you're a seasoned operator or just starting out, our 3D interface lets you reach any point of your spacecraft or environment, and make decisions rapidly and with confidence.

Our base-level satellite mission planning capabilites are available for all registered Saber accounts: Activate yours today and experience the difference.

Upgrade your mission-planning experience.


Game-changing spacecraft diagnostics

A picture is worth a thousand words, and for mission-critical operations, those thousand words of systems insight in a few seconds could save your spacecraft. 
3D exploded-views of your satellite, rocket, constellation or station, providing point-and-click telemetry in real-time: It's all possible with P.I.G.I. Team & Enterprise


Interested in a custom PIGI solution for your business or mission?


PIGI Team (Per User)

Contact Us Perfect for your spacecraft mission: All-in-one mission platform connected to Saber's advanced telemetry, space weather and command servers.
  • Spacecraft and Weather Telemetry
  • High-speed Data Services
  • Spacecraft Design Tools
  • Groundstation Control
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PIGI Casual

$14.99/month Per Month, USD Incl GST. BEST Value
  • Enhanced Orbit Tools
  • Up to 50 Custom Spacecraft
  • Spacecraft Simulation / Data Export
  • Online NORAD Satellite Catalog
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PIGI Enterprise

Contact Us For large corporate or government users: Give your organisation a scalable, customised serious competitive advantage.
  • 24/7 Phone & Email Support
  • Full Machine Learning Diagnostics
  • Training Support
  • Custom Platform Integration
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